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Our wise pandas want to empower your small business to use the tools at your disposal to reach and expand your client base. The internet can seem a scary place – we are here to help make it a little easier for you.

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The internet is a thing of beauty – it has the power to connect and unify users through words, images, videos, and more.  Our passion lies in helping users leverage the beauty of the internet into a singular brand identity through cohesive content strategy.

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The pandas are specially qualified to design websites that meet the needs of our clients.  Using social media, marketing emails, newsletters, and specially crafted web content we work to ensure the successful creation of a brand identity managed through creative content design.

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It’s funny how life twists and turns – leading you to places where you didn’t even know you wanted to go.

The wise pandas came to be through the earnest nudging of our mentor who taught us the ins and outs of coding HTML.  This first taste of building for the web led to a love of graphic design and a desire to make the web readable.  In September 2013, we started wise panda designs – a small web design firm that showcased our coding, graphic design, and web writing skills.  By August 2014 we felt ready for a new adventure – to run wise panda designs full time.

As we look back at our history, we see how design has guided us through all of life’s arduous twists and turns.  We have always been happy formatting Word documents and designing slide decks until they were perfect; we loved looking and playing with colors and patterns; and above all we yearned for good design.  Life has made it abundantly clear that creative and thoughtful design is our passion.

Our time at the VA and in the private sector provided us with a depth and breadth of experience that we bring to bear every day.  Our clients range from successful Government contracting consulting firms to yoga studios, restaurants, and bloggers.  We care about our clients. We are passionate about the work we do. And we love bringing creative solutions to their small businesses.  

our team

hannah zerphey

hannah zerphey


Hannah Zerphey is the owner of wise panda designs. She is a dedicated, focused, and creative designer with experience in content design, graphic design, web development & content management systems, and social media management.

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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.

Charles Mingus

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The pandas lives have been enriched by yoga throughout the years and are excited to announce that we have spent the last year going through in-depth yoga teacher training. We are developing classes for yoga for all shapes and sizes, and are training to become a yoga therapist. Let the pandas get you started on your yoga journey!

design & content

design & content

Take the guesswork out of reaching your target audience. Whether its through a good website layout, the perfect image for your email campaign, or targeted user-focused content aligned with your current business goals, our pandas can bring your design and content needs to life.

brand development

brand development

Our pandas are here to help you brand your business. We are skilled at creating a cohesive style for your logo, business cards, letterhead, presentation and more!

website hosting

website hosting

By purchasing space on a panda run web server you can operate a reliable, dynamic, database-driven website.


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